The Best Welding Helmets for Egyptian Construction Workers

The Best Welding Helmets for Egyptian Construction Workers

Welding helmets serve as a lifeguard for construction workers around the world. Especially in Egypt which has experienced recent conflicts with its neighboring states, safety in the workplace is of utmost importance. With a wider viewing area, auto-darkening technology lens and comfortable design; it creates a safer work environment. By virtue of these features and many others, the Egyptian workers serving the construction industry also get benefited.

Best-in-class welding helmets are those which have the following characteristics and meet standards:

Characteristics of A Good Welding Helmet

1. Lightweight

On average, construction workers in Egypt spend 8-12 hours working. Amidst such strenuous job, light-weight helmets add to their comfort besides improving work standards. Wearing these, workers can easily evade neck pain, eliminate fatigue and have less stress and anxiety. Above all, the helmets are easy to carry and provide utmost convenience and the safety features are remarkable as well.

2. Headgear should be comfortable

Headgear is the second most important equipment in the life of the construction workers in Egypt. Easily adjustable head gears deliver a comfortable experience to laborers, who work all day long. Headgears having a fixed position exert more pressure on the brain. This, in turn, affects the mobility of workers in later age. Contrary to this, flexible head gears enable workers to adjust and change its position at desirable standards.

3. Lens: Good size & clarity

The standard size should be 2 inches by 4 inches lens. However, as laborers have to look from multiple directions within their small workspace, bigger lenses are recommended. A lens with a higher size provides a wider view, which means that workers don’t have to put much pressure on their delicate eyes.

As for clarity, the lens should provide accurate vision, proper light diffusion, consistent shade and multi-angular views with full precision.

4. User-friendly controls

There are 2 kinds of controls- analog and digital. The former can be operated even while wearing gloves, unlike the latter. Digital definitely ranks higher in easier and hassle-free operation.

Controls can also be classified into internal and external. Hoods with internal settings compel workers to lift it in order to access controls. The advantage is that it allows them to see the
adjustments, as they do it. Hoods having external controls are easier to operate, although attaining the appropriate fit becomes a challenge.

5. Source of power

There are three choices- battery, solar and battery with solar assist. Batteries make a good option but workers must
always keep spare batteries in hand. As most helmets come with low indicators or battery light; extra battery sets will be the last resort.

Solar-powered batteries are undoubtedly better than ordinary ones. Firstly, there’s no additional load of carrying extra batteries. Secondly, battery replacement hassles are kept at bay. Workers only need to place them in the sun, although they have to charge it prior to first-time use.

Batteries with solar assistance are the best lot. Here, once the battery runs out, the same battery can be re-used
through solar charge, which offers excellent backup.

6. Warranty

A good quality welding helmet is available with at least 2-year warranty. The high-end ones offer 5 years.

Specifications of a Good Welding Helmet

1. Welding helmets must adhere to the following performance

a) ANSI Z87.1-2003-
Educational and Occupational Face and Eye Protection Devices. Welding shield must comply with OSHA guidelines.

b) ANSI Z49.1-2005- Safety provisions related to cutting, welding, and allied activities. Shade recommendations should also be followed.

2. Auto-Darkening Filter (ADF) Construction with UV and IR coatings.

3. Arc Radiation which covers a higher wider range of frequency than sunlight.

4. Band-Pass Filter which enables only visible light to penetrate.

5. Polarising/ Liquid Crystal Filter which works an electronic shutter.

6. Reaction Time of 1/20,000, i.e. 0.00005 seconds.

Foods You Need To Try in Egypt

Foods You Need To Try in Egypt

There are so many amazing foods to try in Egypt, and taking time to explore the local cuisine is an absolute must-do. There are so many unique dishes available in Egypt that you can’t get anywhere else, so instead of relying on fast food during your travels, you should check out what local restaurants and markets have to offer. Don’t settle for a Taco Bell iced coffee – get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Here are some of the foods you need to try while visiting Egypt.

lf you love pizza, you’ll be sure to enjoy Egyptian fiteer. This rich, satisfying dish is made with a base of thick phyllo dough and then can be topped with meat, veggies, cheese, or even sugar and honey. This dish is very buttery and is on the heavier side, so it’s best enjoyed as a hearty dinner after a long day of exploring Egypt. Falafel/tamayaFalafel, also known as Tamaya, has become well-known around the world, but you should make sure to sample it in Egypt – the taste is unparalleled. This dish is made from beans and herbs, so it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly while still being extremely satisfying with complex flavors. The best falafel in Egypt is going to come from street vendors, so be sure to stop by one and check out this dish.


This mixed dish is very easy to find in Egypt and very appealing and easy to eat. It combines a base of rice, pasta, and tomato sauce with lentils, chickpeas, onions, and garlic for a very complex flavor. Its a good balance of Garbs and protein and will definitely keep you full while you’re exploring the city. If you’ve never tried the Middle Eastern food, this dish is a great introduction because it combines flavors you’ve probably already had in a new way.

This is another dish that’s a great bet for fans of pizza. It’s very, very heavy, but its one of the most unique dishes in Egypt and it’s absolutely delicious. It consists of a base layer of fried bread served with a layer of garlic rice and tomato sauce over the top. This is considered a celebratory dish and is often served at holiday festivals, so it can be difficult to find, but if you can get your hands on it, be sure to give it a taste. Besaralf you’re in a snacking mood on your trip to Egypt, you have to try bread dipped in Besara, a local Egyptian sauce. Its made from crushed beans, onions, peppers, leek, and spices for seasoning, and its the perfect topper for a slice of bread. Not only is this a great snack, but its also a nice side dish with a heavier dinner.

There are so many amazing Egyptian foods to try on your trip, but these are a few good dishes to get you started. You also have to try the coffee in Egypt. Coffee shops in Egypt usually have some coffee break quotes that’s why you can easily identify it. Egyptian cuisine combines so many different flavors in innovative ways, and it’s very approachable, even for those who have never had Middle Eastern food.

Conflicts In Egypt

Conflicts In Egypt

There are many conflicts taking place in the world nowadays with different nations or communities going to war for a variety of things including resources, sovereignty among others. Egypt has experienced its own share of conflicts which have influenced the lives of citizens in one way or another. For instance, the Arab spring led to some of the deadly conflicts ever experienced in Egypt as anti-government demonstrators clashed with security forces resulting in the deaths of many Egyptians. However, they are several conflicts that took place in Egypt without the full glare of the international cameras which in most cases they are not even covered as much. It hence becomes the work of crisis groups, humanitarian organizations as well as Minute Man Review to highlight such cases.

The continue confrontations and conflicts at the Sinai Peninsula continues to be one of the most bloody conflicts that international community have not zoomed in further as it continues to escalate on a day to day basis. The Sinai unrest is nothing new especially among international audiences especially because Egypt has experienced its own share of political and civil unrest leading to the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Various armed groups took advantage of this instability and launched their own jihad’ indoctrination and attacked certain tourist resorts in areas around Sinai.

The escalation in conflicts in Sinai has been undergoing for a couple of years now, however, the rest of the world has been oblivious to this crisis and it was until recently that the entire world has begun to pay attention to these bloody conflict. The pledge of allegiance to IS by a Sinai based jihad’ armed group further accelerated confrontations with armed security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula which led to dozen deaths. This has further increased the world’s attention to the conflict which a couple of years had been relatively unknown.

Egypt political conflicts continue to rage on thereby affecting the safety and security of its citizens as well as disrupting the economy. Various crisis groups, as well as minute man reviews, have highlighted the mounting political violence necessitated by state exerting military authority after the coup in 2013. Islamic State, as well as other affiliated violent groups, have accessed guns and other weapons from countries across the border like Libya to cause violence in Egypt. Even though Egypt has a president which has provided at least a little modicum of peace in the region, her areas still sporadic violent conflict taking place which is unknown to many people all over the world. Human rights organizations have raised concerns about the government crackdown on former Muslim Brotherhood Members where violations of human rights and political rights are well documented.

Egypt is still continuing to experience serious security setbacks which have resulted in conflicts with local jihad’ groups who have continued their campaign of violence and destruction. Ongoing Egypt and Ethiopia conflict regarding the River Nile has been continuing for years under the radar. This is despite the provisional concessions that have been placed by the two countries, this squabbling regarding this unique resource is bound to explode in a couple of the international partners would not step in The more attention these conflicts get than it makes it more likely that the world powers would come together in order to help Egypt solve these issues which have affected the country’s economy especially the tourism sector.

Tankless water heater in egypt

Tankless water heater in egypt

Nowadays, a water heater is already considered one of the most important needs in any residential or commercial building or area. With the vast increase of residential and commercial spaces all over the world, the need of having high-quality water heater also increased.

Tankless water is becoming popular. As people are in need of high-quality water heater, the growth of tankless heaters rapidly increased. Water, as we all know, is one of man’s top necessities. We use water to take a bath, wash the dishes, laundry, cooking and most of all, we drink water which is vital to our body. A poor water system is definitely something we don’t want to have. Thus, having high-quality water heater is a must especially in areas with poor water system where residues or slimes are piling up.

We need water when we are thirsty. We need water to cook our food. We need water to clean our house, dishes, and laundry. But if there is a scarcity with the supply of water, where do we get water from? Simple, this is where high-quality water heater would come in.

In some Egyptian homes, waters are saved in a tank. Some household would spend a lot of time gathering water and warming them to be used for morning and evening baths. Most if not all of the household in Egypt would like to prevent this type of burden. A water heater may be used as a solution to this problem but water heaters may be damaged. So again, I need not emphasize why there is a need for a high-quality water heater.   The high-quality water heater can be obtained with the use of tankless water heaters. But, before you put an investment into this type of equipment, there are things that need to be considered such as the type of household and the size of an establishment that will be using the tankless heater for a high-quality water heater.

Tankless water heater which is a high-quality water heater which provides a solution to a poor water system, the hassle of gathering water and saving them in a tank and most of all, spending too much time to warm water or having the little amount of water storage. With high-quality water heater, water is being warmed instantly as it is flowing from the water source.

You might be wondering how a tankless water heater that provides high-quality water heater works. It’s very simple. From the water source, a cold water flows into the water pipe to the tankless unit. In the unit then, when it passes through the electric heating component, the water is instantly heated. Thus, the water that goes out of the tap is already heated. Definitely, the water temperature can be adjusted using the controller. Amazingly, energy consumption of this high-quality water heater is remarkable. It does not use energy when it is not needed. Unlike tank heaters, that consume so much energy, this high-quality water heater will lower your electric bill. This is not bad for an investment at all.