Best Twin Tank and Pelican Water Softener in Egypt

Best Twin Tank and Pelican Water Softener in Egypt

I think we all agree that water is the main source of life for all species. what if this water becomes the source of your illness?? Since we have all these types of pollution especially in Egypt, it was a must to think about solutions to decrease it as possible as we can and make water free from these kinds of pollution so we can live a better life and exactly that’s the function of water softeners.

So there are different types and large varieties of water softeners that make your water safe to use one of these are Pelican water softener water softeners or filters provide (Pelican) you with water free from chemicals as we all know that water treatment use chlorine to kill microorganisms but this must be disinfectant for large scales only not for our daily use water so a carbon filter as in pelican filtration system removes all these chemicals.

Also, they keep microorganisms far from you because they purify water with ultraviolet. they keep away the unpleasant smell and taste that you know in the public water.

We all need to live with our families and kids a healthy life. and since we use water in every small detail in our life, so we have to consider having water softners.

So, How would I choose one?

You need to check for quality (material used and warranty) maintenance and filter changes (12 months is the average) price. (affordable comparing with benefits) this is the general criteria to look for when you need to buy one but also you need to consider stages of filtration.

You should avoid 3 and 4 stages of filtration as they are more prone to break and needs frequent changes and maintenance. Then a 5 stage filtration is a good choice as it has SO membrane which allows it to last along and give you high quality.

Here is the recommended water softener for Egypt

Pelican water softener

It’s a 5 stage water softener system that provides different varieties to make it easy to choose what is most appropriate and that make it much more cost-efficient. Check this product.

  • Whole house water filtration
    This one allows all your tapes came out with pure, clean water without chemicals or impurities.
  • Salt-free water filtration
    This is the only salt-free water softener which allows all other beneficial minerals without wasting water,
    and there are many types that are more special as iron 8, magnesium water filter, water filters with an ultraviolet system, tannin removal water filters and also nitrate reduction ones
    if !were you and if I were in a polluted country as in EGYPT I’d consider one

There is also Best Twin Tank water softener that provides long-lasting which is easy to install and it also always you to drink clear water having it’s a beneficial amount of salts and minerals 24 hrs even during the regeneration cycle.

As in Egypt, the best recommendation is Tank company it allows also different types of filters.

  • Stage with MicroShield:
    That technology provides water that is 99.9% free from impurities neutralize acidity and ph levels in water.

Power RO 7 stage

That ‘s also with the same technology but provides you with alkali water and in the final stage oxygen is energized which provide you with better circulation.

Now you know all about water softeners and I don’t doubt how much we love our families and relatives. So, the choice is yours.

Understand The Use And Operations of MIG Welder

Understand The Use And Operations of MIG Welder

The MIG welding technique is mainly used to weld non-ferrous metals such as aluminum with the use of helium or argon. With respect to the use of carbon dioxide, it acts as a protective gas, the most important term in the welding process. This is not a gas system at all, some systems that are not gas are also added to this system.

The nature of the welding process is the main reason why experts call it GMAW or Gas and Metal Arc Welding. The names of these procedures are based on gases used with different technical methods by professionals. MIG welding is used specifically in the construction of several workshops where the production process must be in elevation.

Three needs of the MIG welding process. Electricity voltage and wire feed to generate heat. A driver to repair the seal. Protective gas to protect the welded pieces against the air.

The entire process is carried out using a small electrode, constantly fed by the MIG welders that completely control all the parts already welded. Sometimes, when a robot tries to control all methods, the welding process becomes automatic and provides maximum comfort of use

What is important to effectively perform MIG welding

You can not mount your MIG torch or gun without MIG Consumables. Whether you have M815 / MIG15, M824 / MIG24 or M836 / MIG36 welding guns, you need nozzles, tips, gas rings and other parts for smooth and efficient operation.

As a welder, you need to know the different gas flows. Always make sure that the gas flow is between 15 and 30 cubic feet per hour. And remember that the proper gas flow depends on the material to be welded.

When it comes to filler material in the MIG welding process, it is a thread, so always take care of your material. Always prefer thick wire material, as it will give perfect and durable welding. Thicker material is highly preferable because it conducts electricity efficiently.

Seven reasons for the popularity of MIG welding

Affordable and easy to work. Leave a minimum of carbon residue with little smoke. Less technical interruptions No experience required (ideal for DIY enthusiasts) Ideal for spot and spot welding. Automated functions to complete the work quickly. Safe in handling As you progress through this part, you should know all aspects of MIG welding. It must also ensure safety during welding throughout the process, as it is a dangerous process. Always wear gloves, clothing and a helmet of the best quality to avoid any incident

The advantages of Mig welding are:

Mig welding has many advantages over other common welding processes

High-quality welds are possible at a much faster pace with Mig Welder. The absence of flow guarantees the absence of entrapment of the slag in the welded metal, which guarantees high-quality welding. The loss of alloying elements is minimal due to the presence of the gas shield that protects the arc. Splashes occur, but only in small quantities. The versatility of MIG welding allows its use with a wide variety of metals and alloys. The MIG process can be exploited in several ways, including semiautomatic.

Foods You Need To Try in Egypt

Foods You Need To Try in Egypt

There are so many amazing foods to try in Egypt, and taking time to explore the local cuisine is an absolute must-do. There are so many unique dishes available in Egypt that you can’t get anywhere else, so instead of relying on fast food during your travels, you should check out what local restaurants and markets have to offer. Don’t settle for a Taco Bell iced coffee – get out of your comfort zone and try something different. Here are some of the foods you need to try while visiting Egypt.

lf you love pizza, you’ll be sure to enjoy Egyptian fiteer. This rich, satisfying dish is made with a base of thick phyllo dough and then can be topped with meat, veggies, cheese, or even sugar and honey. This dish is very buttery and is on the heavier side, so it’s best enjoyed as a hearty dinner after a long day of exploring Egypt. Falafel/tamayaFalafel, also known as Tamaya, has become well-known around the world, but you should make sure to sample it in Egypt – the taste is unparalleled. This dish is made from beans and herbs, so it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly while still being extremely satisfying with complex flavors. The best falafel in Egypt is going to come from street vendors, so be sure to stop by one and check out this dish.


This mixed dish is very easy to find in Egypt and very appealing and easy to eat. It combines a base of rice, pasta, and tomato sauce with lentils, chickpeas, onions, and garlic for a very complex flavor. Its a good balance of Garbs and protein and will definitely keep you full while you’re exploring the city. If you’ve never tried the Middle Eastern food, this dish is a great introduction because it combines flavors you’ve probably already had in a new way.

This is another dish that’s a great bet for fans of pizza. It’s very, very heavy, but its one of the most unique dishes in Egypt and it’s absolutely delicious. It consists of a base layer of fried bread served with a layer of garlic rice and tomato sauce over the top. This is considered a celebratory dish and is often served at holiday festivals, so it can be difficult to find, but if you can get your hands on it, be sure to give it a taste. Besaralf you’re in a snacking mood on your trip to Egypt, you have to try bread dipped in Besara, a local Egyptian sauce. Its made from crushed beans, onions, peppers, leek, and spices for seasoning, and its the perfect topper for a slice of bread. Not only is this a great snack, but its also a nice side dish with a heavier dinner.

There are so many amazing Egyptian foods to try on your trip, but these are a few good dishes to get you started. You also have to try the coffee in Egypt. Coffee shops in Egypt usually have some coffee break quotes that’s why you can easily identify it. Egyptian cuisine combines so many different flavors in innovative ways, and it’s very approachable, even for those who have never had Middle Eastern food.

Conflicts In Egypt

Conflicts In Egypt

There are many conflicts taking place in the world nowadays with different nations or communities going to war for a variety of things including resources, sovereignty among others. Egypt has experienced its own share of conflicts which have influenced the lives of citizens in one way or another. For instance, the Arab spring led to some of the deadly conflicts ever experienced in Egypt as anti-government demonstrators clashed with security forces resulting in the deaths of many Egyptians. However, they are several conflicts that took place in Egypt without the full glare of the international cameras which in most cases they are not even covered as much. It hence becomes the work of crisis groups, humanitarian organizations as well as Minute Man Review to highlight such cases.

The continue confrontations and conflicts at the Sinai Peninsula continues to be one of the most bloody conflicts that international community have not zoomed in further as it continues to escalate on a day to day basis. The Sinai unrest is nothing new especially among international audiences especially because Egypt has experienced its own share of political and civil unrest leading to the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak. Various armed groups took advantage of this instability and launched their own jihad’ indoctrination and attacked certain tourist resorts in areas around Sinai.

The escalation in conflicts in Sinai has been undergoing for a couple of years now, however, the rest of the world has been oblivious to this crisis and it was until recently that the entire world has begun to pay attention to these bloody conflict. The pledge of allegiance to IS by a Sinai based jihad’ armed group further accelerated confrontations with armed security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula which led to dozen deaths. This has further increased the world’s attention to the conflict which a couple of years had been relatively unknown.

Egypt political conflicts continue to rage on thereby affecting the safety and security of its citizens as well as disrupting the economy. Various crisis groups, as well as minute man reviews, have highlighted the mounting political violence necessitated by state exerting military authority after the coup in 2013. Islamic State, as well as other affiliated violent groups, have accessed guns and other weapons from countries across the border like Libya to cause violence in Egypt. Even though Egypt has a president which has provided at least a little modicum of peace in the region, her areas still sporadic violent conflict taking place which is unknown to many people all over the world. Human rights organizations have raised concerns about the government crackdown on former Muslim Brotherhood Members where violations of human rights and political rights are well documented.

Egypt is still continuing to experience serious security setbacks which have resulted in conflicts with local jihad’ groups who have continued their campaign of violence and destruction. Ongoing Egypt and Ethiopia conflict regarding the River Nile has been continuing for years under the radar. This is despite the provisional concessions that have been placed by the two countries, this squabbling regarding this unique resource is bound to explode in a couple of the international partners would not step in The more attention these conflicts get than it makes it more likely that the world powers would come together in order to help Egypt solve these issues which have affected the country’s economy especially the tourism sector.