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‘Revolutionary Punishment’ declares War

Saturday 31-01-2015 - 04:11 PM
‘Revolutionary Punishment’
By Kareem Ezzeldin
The ‘Revolutionary Punishment’ movement, a group believed to be affiliated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, declared the formation of an armed militia of 1,000 of its members throughout Egypt, as part of the group’s new strategy of armed resistance against security forces.

The group said that peaceful protests are no longer effective against the regime, calling on its supporters to combine armed operations with constant protests in order to achieve their target.

Amr Emara, a former senior official of the Brotherhood, confirmed that the Revolutionary Punishment group’s ‘troops’ are members of the Brotherhood. They are funded by Khairat Al Shater and were trained in Gaza. He added that the group was founded by MB leaders after their failure to regain power through protests and other political efforts.

The group recently released a statement declaring war on the police force and members of the judiciary. It said it had gathered all the information required to assassinate a number of police officers in Qena, Ismailia and other provinces.

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