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Unprecedented Miracles by an Exceptional President

Saturday 04-06-2016 - 06:41 PM

It's the spirit of June 30 that spread into those great people, turning them into prophet-like creatures able to make miracles inspired by the heavens.

This was the spirit of great people who rose up in a rare historical moment in which he decided to make his future, refusing to be ruled by a treacherous group. The people seized the moment and created the June 30 miracle.

No one had ever imagined that the Egyptians would change the face of history, but they managed to, challenging the whole world.

The beginning was the miracle of June 30, which was like the Moses’s stick which swallowed the magicians’ snakes leaving the pharaohs of the world who wanted to make us kneel astonished. Then, the miracles went on including the construction of the constitution which began with choosing the Constituent Assembly and the constitutional referendum. Then came the presidential and parliamentary elections.

The construction phase started with the launch of the new Suez Canal, which paved the way for the East Port Said giant project that moved in parallel with Ataka Mountain power station and Al-Galala city followed by the one and a half million housing units in addition to the agricultural reform project.

All this was in parallel to fierce fights against terrorism and conspiracies made by the evil powers around us so that we are now a modern world in steadfastness and challenge, two flashlight and work and effort is still ongoing and still miracles in succession.

This was the spirit is the spirit of prophets supported by heaven, performed miracles on their hands because they have every right to succeed.

This spirit moved from the Egyptian people into one of their sons who supported the right, put his soul on his hand, and came out to announce to the whole world that the abduction of this country is impossible.

Finally, he responded to the people who asked him to run for president, he decided to complete his long road to building a modern civil state.

Over two years, we have fought terrorism and criminal groups without forgetting the battle for construction, a major battle fought by a national leader, we celebrate the today's achievements that were incredible, but the will of the people created miracles.
What has been achieved on the ground opens up prospects for the future that we have repeatedly dreamt of.

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