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Egyptian philosopher: Donald Trump is a messenger from God, just like El-Sisi

Thursday 02-02-2017 - 10:48 PM
Constance Renton, Morocco World News
Egyptian philosopher:
Toronto – Controversial Egyptian academic and philosopher Murad Wahba has described President Donald Trump as a messenger from God, sent to save humanity from the Islamic State.

Wahba made the statement during an interview on Egyptian state television this week. No stranger to controversy himself, Wahba said about the November election, “Without exaggerating, if Clinton had come into power we would have fallen into a civilization disaster.”

This is the reason why Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is happy about Trump’s election win Wahba said, “he [Trump] has saved civilization.”
The controversial academic made a similar statement regarding el-Sisi when he came to power, describing him as a savior of Egypt, releasing it from the grip of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Wahba blames the success of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt on former president Barack Obama, and maintains that Obama sent out top secret orders to military officials during a visit to Egypt in 2009.

Trump himself has openly declared his support for el-Sisi on several occasions. Less than two weeks after his election, Trump has already committed to providing military assistance to Egypt.

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