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Egyptian TV anchor on Louver’s prime suspect: radicalized or simple guy?

Sunday 05-02-2017 - 03:31 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Egyptian TV anchor

Cairo - Media anchor, Amr Adeeb, urged state officials to examine the case of Egyptian youth, Abdullah al-Hamahmy, the prime suspect of the machete attack at the Louvre museum in Paris.  The talk show famous hot stressed the need to verify the accuracy of the accusations pressed against him as he is nevertheless “son of Egypt”.  Adeeb added that the Egyptian Embassy in Paris must follow up with the ongoing investigations and “stand by him”.

On his Live show "Every Day" on Saturday, Adeeb raised some questions on al-Hamahmy’s case, saying: “If we just trace al-Hamahmy’s posts, we can see that he got a “seemingly” jihadi way of thinking. We have to study these youth in order to understand how and where they were radicalized. Moreover, Egyptian authorities should send psychologists and sociologists to meet and talk to this guy, Abdullah, so as to analyze what went wrong with him.”  

Adeeb asserted that religious scholars are the ones to blame in this regard. They are called upon to look into the issue of ‘renewal of religious discourse’ in the mainstream Islamic circles and media, but they hang back on doing so.  Why?!

Adeeb also pointed out that Trump wrote a special tweet about “al-Hamahmy” to support his policies vis-à-vis his recent travel ban on Muslims.   It was reported that the suspect worked in Sharjah and flew to France from Dubai, UAE, which Trump did not include in the travel ban.

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