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Egypt’s judiciary: Zero-tolerance for hate crimes

Monday 06-02-2017 - 01:50 PM Mohamed Arabi
Egypt’s judiciary:
Alexandria (Egypt) - Alexandria Criminal Court decided on Saturday to refer the case of 'Adel Soliman' who was last month convicted of slaughtering an Egyptian Copt named, Youssef Lamiy, owner of a liquor store, to be reviewed by the Grand Mufti of Arab Republic of Egypt in preparation for his execution. The Court’s final verdict is scheduled to be made on March 9th.
The convict, who has been arrested shortly after and was described as a bearded man, came up behind the victim and slashed his throat while he was sitting in front of his shop. The whole crime was captured on surveillance camera. The footage of the horrific attack vent viral on the internet as it shocked the whole country.

No regret, no shame!

No regret, no shame!
During the court hearing Saturday evening, the convict, 'Adel Soliman', confessed his crime, refusing to be represented by a lawyer.  He said that “a year and a half ago he had warned the victim, Youssef Lamiy, of selling alcohol yet he ignored the warning and did not stop selling it.”  The convict also added that he had no remorse about his crime, stressing that had he had to do it all over again, he would have slain the victim and all liquor sellers indiscriminately.
For his part, ‘Tony Youssef’, the slain victim’s son, said that the convict threatened him in the courtroom, saying that he wishes to kill him, too, as well as all Copts as he hates them.  
It was reported that the convict explained to the court full details of his crime, adding that he perpetrated his crime on the basis of some “religious opinions” he had come across on satellite TV. 

Justices is to be served!

Alexandria Criminal
Alexandria Criminal Court
In this regard, the Public Prosecution made a final presentation on this shocking crime that sent shock waves through Egypt. Its closing statement in brief reads: “The religion of Islam is truly a moderate religion from which the convict had far away deviated to an extremist, jihadist ideology alien to Islam. Such a person with such an ideology is nothing but a threat to the stability and the security of Egypt. Egyptians, Muslims and Christians alike, are at all times united against extremism and extremists or attempts to divide them. History will be a witness to how Egyptians resiliently led concerted efforts to protect their homeland from extremism and terrorism as well as how they mourned their fallen men from the army and police, whose lives were cut short in the process of defending the nation.” 
During the court hearing’s presentation, the Public Prosecutor also cited a number of Quranic verses and hadiths (Prophet Muhammad’s Sayings) that reflects the tolerance of the Islam and the sanctity of human life as well as defines the status of People of Scripture in Islam. 

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