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Women under social oppression in Egypt told in stories

Tuesday 07-02-2017 - 07:13 PM
Women under social
Cairo – The Egyptian Writer ‘Suzan Al-Shouri’ celebrated the signature of the collection of serialized short stories “Room 608” at Cairo International Book Fair.
It is a group of serialized separate stories, most of which are influenced by mythology and by poems of well-known Palestinian Poet ‘Mahmoud Darweesh’. The stories depict the suffering of females in society and all stories end with the village melody at weddings nights:
“Tell her if her father is hungry, he can eat now and not worry .. Tell her father the blood has covered the bed.”, referring to blood of bride's hymen being penetrated, and  ending her virginity by the groom, indicating 'her honour' according to some conservative prospectives.
Society is very judgemental on women and there is a social stigma against dating and sex outside of marriage in socially conservative Egypt.

The series include 14 texts that mainly revolve around what females are exposed to in society, such as female genital mutilation /cutting, family and husband violence, harassment, marital rape, virginity, dual standards, suppression of freedom, which are the cause of rifts and conflicts inside her personality reflected on her and on those around her.

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