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Modeled Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: Tunisian Al-Ghannoushi starts intellectual revisions

Thursday 09-02-2017 - 02:25 AM
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Modeled Muslim Brotherhood
Tunisia – Few members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group in Egypt have started recently intellectual revisions. On their footsteps, Rashed Al-Ghanoushi, the Brotherhood Guide in Tunisia, has also started promoting for intellectual revisions and rethinking the group role in his country.

These revisions appeared through a satellite channel affiliated to the Brotherhood based in London. First episode was about the obstacles that face reformatory thinking within Islamic movement. Then, Ghannoushi moved to his journey with regards to the Tunisian opposition. That made him leave Tunisia and travel to France to live there before deciding to return to Tunisia again.
Ghanoushi is a Tunisian politician and thinker, co-founder of the Ennahdha Party and serving as its "intellectual leader

Al-Ghanoushi indicated that he will keep on screening the TV episodes in case, confirming that those revisions are the nucleus of the new establishment of the Brotherhood in Tunisia in line with the current stage, which will express the new shape of the Brotherhood in Tunisia and it is a political party more than a religious group.
Following popular unrest in which Ben Ali was ousted, Ghannouchi returned to Tunisia on 30 January 2011, after spending twenty two years exiled in London,[19] with thousands[20] of people welcoming him.

His party won 37.04% of the vote (more than the next four biggest vote-getting parties combined)[21] in the 2011 Tunisian Constituent Assembly election. Ghannouchi did not take a government position. Ennahdha's secretary-general Hamadi Jebali became Prime Minister.[22]

Ennahda formed a government which was criticized for mediocre economic performance, not stimulating the tourism industry, and poor relations with Tunisia's biggest trading partner France.
In this respect, the rifts continued within the renaissance movement in Tunisia in opposition to the new policies of ‘Rashed Al-Ghanoushi’, which are considered a complete revolution against the ideology of ‘Hassan Al-Banna’. This ‘Ghanoushian’ revolution started against the Brotherhood ideology by the declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood Guide there to keep wholly away from the International Muslim Brotherhood Organization and not to succumb to its control and decisions.

Previously, in the Sudan, Informed sources of “Albawaba News” revealed that the 40 young men who were expelled, have been from the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Fayoum Governorate and that they have fled to the Sudan. The expelling incident occurred by telling them that the rent of the places they were given to live in has expired, and that they should leave the current accommodation without informing them of their new one. Not to mention the fact that other 17 young men from the Muslim Brotherhood living with the expelled youth in the same accommodation were not informed of that matter. That was because those 17 young men are supporters of ‘Mahmoud Ezzat’s Front’ and they did not participate in the elections of the Youth Front.

The Muslim Brotherhood Youth negated the pretext of “Mahmoud Ezzat’s Front” saying that the rent period of the Fayoum Brotherhood Youth’s accommodation expired, confirming that the rent has been renewed recently for other 5 years. They denounced a comprehensive plot of the front of the temporary guide for expelling the brotherhood youth who participated in the parallel youth front in the Sudan, the matter which started with Fayoum accommodation in the Sudan and which is expected to expand to Upper Egypt and Alexandria Brotherhood Youth who participated intensively in the youth elections and boycotted the elections of the front of the Temporary Guide, ‘Mahmoud Ezzat’.

According to sources from within the Group, the war between the two Brotherhood fronts in the Sudan will not stop at the accommodation only but the expelling will include the businesses provided by the Brotherhood Group for their members in the Sudan when they fled from Egypt as well. That will be for compelling the Brotherhood Group Youth to succumb to the Front of the Temporary Guide.

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