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Culture's ex-Minister: Azhary is a voice of moderate Islam

Thursday 09-02-2017 - 03:14 AM
Culture's ex-Minister:
Cairo - Dr. Shaker Abdel Hamid, ex-Minister of culture, praised the performance of Dr. ‘Ossama Al-Azhary, the Egyptian President’s Advisor for religious affairs, saying: “Dr. ‘Al-Azhary’ has an illuminated character and bright ideas. He is a man who represents the voice of moderation and enlightenment in the Egyptian society.”

In his word in the symposium entitled, “confronting violent ideas in the culture of the future”, held at Cairo International Book Fair, ‘Abdel Hamid’ demanded raising generations in the right religious way, readapting the educational programs, evolving the thinking methods, enriching the right human values, refining their mental and human skills, expanding the culture of creativity for successive generations and bringing them up on the love for others. He added that culture is not just books and music as some people think but it is divided into three types which are: the culture of the past which is related to traditions, the culture of the present which is related to the ways of people’s life and the future of the future, which is the creativity.

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