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Rare Islamic manuscripts stolen by ISIS restored in Libya

Thursday 09-02-2017 - 04:26 PM
Rare Islamic manuscripts
Benghazi (Libya) - Elements of the Libyan army have found rare Islamic manuscripts stolen by terrorist groups affiliated with ISIS from University of Benghazi.

Wahid Al-Zawi, an official of the 21st Commando Battalion media office, confirmed that during combing operations in Ghanfooda area after its liberation from the terrorist groups, hundreds of antique books and rare Islamic manuscripts stolen by terrorists from Benghazi University, were discovered on Tuesday night.

Al-Zawi explained that the terrorist groups transferred the manuscripts to the positions they controlled during the period of their seizure of the university. He said some of the manuscripts written in gold water and some in saffron, pointing out that "the manuscripts are considered historic treasure for the country, and now the property is restored to its owners."

The media official noted that some of the manuscripts were willfully damaged by the terrorists, while other manuscripts decayed due to negligence, as they were kept in a poor storage environment.

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