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Al-Azhar condemns “ISIS” call for assassinating scholars and clerics

Tuesday 14-02-2017 - 11:47 PM
Aly Hosney
Al-Azhar condemns
Cairo - A prominent Islamic institute in Egypt harshly condemned the latest statement issued but terrorist group 'Islamic State in Iraq and Syria; ISIS' that called for assassinating Islamic scholars and clerics who do not approve ISIS' thoughts.

 Dar Al-Ifta Observatory In Egypt rejected Fatawa (advisory opinion regarding other Muslims as infidels) entitled "Fight the leaders of disbelief" transmitted by “ISIS”. That declaration attacked Muslim Scholars and invited “ISIS” supports to target them and assassinate them when they are given the chance considering them as infidels, loyal to tyrants and supportive to the nation’s enemies.

On Tuesday, the observatory said in a statement that the terrorist organization is sure that the nation scholars are the first deterring wall in defending Islam and denouncing the extremist groups falsification of the holy texts of the Quran and the sunna (the directions of Prophet Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him). Therefore, they are the first target of these groups and of the currents which seek to spread extremism, violence, and getting rid of all the meanings of security and peace in Islam. 

The observatory continued: that this declaration carries many important implications which should be taken into consideration, the first implication is that the terrorist organization endeavors to stimulate its sleeping cells and individual wolves in various Arab and Islamic countries to compensate its losses in the direct battles with the international coalition, especially the operations of the individual wolves are more stronger and more capable in influencing the course of events on the regional and international levels. In addition, those operations are less costly in comparison to the direct military operations with Iraqi forces or with the forces of the alliances. 

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