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Jhinaoui: Meeting on Libya scheduled for March 1st in Tunisia

Wednesday 15-02-2017 - 11:22 PM
Jhinaoui: Meeting
Tunisia , (TAP) - Tunisia will host, on Monday, March 1st, a meeting of foreign ministers of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt to take stock of the outcome of contacts established by the three countries with the Libyan stakeholders ahead of a comprehensive political settlement of the Libyan crisis, Foreign Minister, Khemaies Jhinaoui announced on Wednesday.

He added that the encounter will also prepare for the summit meeting of the three presidents before sitting the Libyan parties down at the dialogue table.

In an interview with TAP, Jhinaoui said the president's initiative on the Libyan issue revolves around four main axes: bringing Libyans from all parts of the political spectrum into dialogue, rejecting any military solution likely to aggravate the crisis in Libya and invite the Libyan protagonists to resolve the disputes and to concretise the Skhirat agreement (Morocco).

It is also a question of continuing to support a political solution in this country, under the umbrella of the United Nations.

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