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Cyprus rejects hijacker’s appeal for extradition to Egypt

Thursday 16-02-2017 - 09:39 PM
Angelos Anastasiou - Cyprus Mail
 File photo: Mustafa
File photo: Mustafa being taken to court in Larnaca
Nicosia - Egyptian hijacker Saif Eldin Mustafa’s habeas corpus appeal, by which he claimed being unlawfully detained after applying for political asylum, was rejected by the Supreme Court on Thursday.

Mustafa’s extradition was requested by Egypt following his hijacking of EgyptAir’s flight 181 last March, which he diverted to Cyprus under threat of a vest of explosives, which turned out to be false.

In his appeal, Mustafa argued that his detention for purposes of extradition infringed on his rights, as a decision on his request for asylum remains pending.

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