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32 films in Aswan International Women Cinema Festival

Saturday 18-02-2017 - 02:27 AM
Al-Bawaba, ANSA & others
32 films in Aswan
Aswan (Egypt) - Women's issues is the focus of a new film festival 'Women's Film Festival' in Aswan (southern Egypt) starting on February 20, which this year has gender violence as its theme.

32 films and related events on theme of gender violence are scheduled for this year's round.

The festival is organized by a non-profit organization operating under Egyptian law, yet is sponsored directly by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and approved unanimously by the Supreme Committee of the festivals. The festival operates on cooperation and partnership with the National Council for Women and the province of Aswan protocol

32 films in Aswan

The International Women's Film Festival will present 32 films from Egypt, Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Morocco, Tunisia, France, Algeria, Iraq, Germany, Russia, China, Romania and Azerbaijan.

The event, organised by independent artists with support from the Egyptian culture ministry and Aswan governorate, takes an all-round approach to women's issues through an associated programme of meetings, conferences and workshops. There will be two competition sections, one for feature-length films by women directors or about women that were released last year, and the other for short films exploring issues related to the Arab world and that have not yet been released. The festival will open with the screening of the first film made by a female Egyptian director, dating to 1938.

The festival’s organising committee is headed by Elham Shahin and includes scriptwriter Mohamed Abdel Khalek, Journalist Hassan Abo El-Ela, director Mohamed Hassouna, journalist Amira Atef, and broadcaster Marwa Said.

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