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Representative of Shiites at Al-Azhar conference calls on Cairo and Tehran to adopt unity dialogue

Saturday 04-03-2017 - 07:30 PM
Representative of
Cairo – Ahmed Tablan, the representative of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council, called for Egypt and Iran to hold a meeting focusing on Islamic and Arab unity to achieve unity between Islamic Arab states, pointing out that "the Arabs are divided and have been dispersed when they lost Egypt because it was the meeting point of Arab and Islamic reconciliations."
Tablan, in his word, during the Al-Azhar Conference and the Council of Elders of the Muslim said, "freedom and citizenship ... diversity and integration" ...We are not asking Muslims to retrieve Jerusalem now, but we pray to Allah, because Jerusalem was lost when we stepped away from it,” pointing out that the philosophy of Allah by prophecy, and all messages begin and end in human beings without discrimination of sex, race or belief.
Tablan explained, that he, as a Shiite Muslim on the doctrine of Imam Jafar Sadeq, believes in Al-Azhar and its principles that call for the preservation of the nation and stopping the bloodshed of its citizens and conserving them from the penetrations of wars and sectarian conflicts." He stressed that Muslims of the Arab world must unite, whether they are Sunnis or Shiites, and must come together under the leadership of Egypt so that the region could restore its past glory.

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