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The Chop: British Short comedy film on religious identity at upcoming Sharm Film Festival

Thursday 02-03-2017 - 01:50 PM
Mohamed Arabi
The Chop: British

Sharm El-Sheikh – ‘The Chop,’ an award-winning short comedy, is representing the United Kingdom at the first edition of Sharm El-Sheikh Arab and European Film Festival (AEFF) in March. The Festival will run between 5 and 11 March, and is headed by Samir Seif.  The Film is taking part in the official competition of the AEFF festival. 

The Chop: British

'The Chop' is an ‘off-beat indie’ comedy about Yossi, a charismatic kosher butcher who loses his job, cannot find work at other kosher butchers, and therefore decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butchers. Produced in 2015, the 16-minute film is written and directed by Lewis Rose. The film won 2015 Pears Short Film Fund Winner at the UK Jewish Film Festival.

The Chop: British

‘The Chop’ also won: The Audience Award for best Live Action at Palm Springs Film Festival 2016, Best Comedy Short at Cleveland International Film Festival 2016 and Audience Award for Best Film of the Festival at the 56th Krakow International Film Festival 2016.

The Cast includes Amir Boutrous (Yossi), Waj Ali (Amir), Sajid Varda (Omar), Laila Alj (Mrs. Hassani), Waleed Akhtar (Mo) in addition to an incredible group of other rising characters.

The Chop: British

Lewis Rose’s "The Chop" perfectly displays what it is like to struggle with being true to oneself versus being someone others want you to be.

The underlying theme of the movie is the battle with one’s identity. Yossi fights with his boss because he wants to give his customers what they want. When he goes to the Halal butcher, he is able to be the amazing, charismatic butcher he is, but he has to hide his religious affiliation in order to perform the job he loves.

The Chop: British

 Lewis Rose is an actor and director and filmmaker, known for The Chop (2015), Self Portrait (2013) and Frog Spawn (2014).


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