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Religious Endowment Minster to new female preachers: Practice what you preach

Wednesday 08-03-2017 - 01:26 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Archive photo (Ahram)
Archive photo (Ahram)

Cairo - Dr. Mohamed Mokhtar Juma, Minister of religious endowments or al-Awqaf, said that Egypt is going through a critical stage that requires all of us to actively engage in the society so that all our efforts would eventually come to fruition.

Juma added: “In light of the current pressing issues that concern Egyptian women the most, the Ministry is targeting this year to qualify 2000 female preachers by providing them with adequate education and training that conform to our religious and social culture, and respond positively to the demands of the time and place.” 

During the meeting
During the meeting

During a meeting with the new cohort of women preachers on Tuesday, Juma exhorted them saying: “In order to make so deep an impact on the community where you work, use these rules of thumb to see effective end results. First, practice what you preach. Second, be positive role models in word and deed.”

He encouraged them to interact with women in mosques through different activities.  “Women are central to our pursuit to re-establish sound and moderate thought and understanding of Islam. Such an understanding shuns away religiosity and self-righteous attitudes, and provides faith-healing rather than blaming and heartbreaking,” said Juma. “You are playing vital roles in promoting tolerance and fostering peace as well as dispelling misconceptions and countering extremist thought.

During the meeting
During the meeting (Vetogate)

At the end of the meeting, Juma presented each female preacher with a set of publications issued by the Ministry, which promote Islamic tolerance and moderation in the face of hard-line ideologies that are inimical to Islam in every sense.  Among the books presented were the following: “Concepts to be Corrected,” and “Inside the Realms of Edification,” in addition to editions from the well-known Manbar al-Islam and al-Firdaus magazines.  

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