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Abdul Rehim Ali criticized the NCW’s policy to side with businesswomen over women advocates in general, a policy which Ali describes as an affront to and discrimination against all women workers and breadwinners across Egypt.

Abdul Rehim Ali: NCW’s decision discriminates against advocates for working women in Egypt

Thursday 16-03 - 12:20 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Egyptian journalist
Egyptian journalist and MP Abdul Rehim Ali, Albawabh News editor-in-chief

Cairo – Renowned Egyptian journalist and editor-in-chief of Al-Bawaba News Portal, as well Parliamentary member, Abdul Rehim Ali, has expressed his strong disapproval of using the National Council of Women (NCW), for doing special favors, which indicates how far off track it has gone from its central role as a national institution dedicated to the issues facing Egyptian women, without discrimination or bias.

His remarks came in a comment on the NCW’s biased decision to officially nominate businesswoman, Heba El-Sewedi, as a prospective candidate for the 'Makers of Hope' Initiative Award, which was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of the UAE.

In an urgent motion submitted to the Parliament, Ali said that the NCW has been involved in this matter while losing sight that it is a state institution that has to maintain a great deal of ‘neutrality’ in such competitions.

Ali also pointed out that ‘favoritism’ contradicts the Egyptian Constitution as well as the NCW’s bylaws. “However, the NCW has given preference to one candidate over the rest of the candidates who are themselves pioneer, glass-ceiling Egyptian women with great potentials,” noted Ali.

The National Council
The National Council for Women President

Ali also added that Maya Morsy, the NCW’s president, has caused a widening split between senior members and the rest of the members in the Council over this matter. "She should have stood at a distance from all candidates up for this award, pointing out that what she has done was a dangerous and unprecedented in the Council's history."

Arab Women Festival
Arab Women Festival honors Dr. Ghada Abdul Rehim, Sharm El-Sheikh - January 2017

Ali requested that Dr. Maya Morsy to rescind her decision and make a public apology for this inconvenience.

Among the Egyptian candidates who were nominated for the "Makers of Hope" Initiative Award is Dr. Ghada Abdul Rehim Ali, an academic and advocate for women in the labor force, and an entrepreneur who supports initiatives that encourage innovation and creativity among young people.

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