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Egyptian Journalist slams EU report on human rights in Egypt

Thursday 16-03-2017 - 03:05 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Momtaz Al Ket  (Al-Wattan
Momtaz Al Ket (Al-Wattan News)

Cairo - The European Union (EU) released a report on the human rights situation in Egypt, alleging that Egypt continues to persecute NGOs and journalists through swingeing clampdown on civil society and independent media. The report also called on Cairo to pay due attention to human rights while fighting terrorism.

This prompted Egyptian Media journalist and anchor, Momtaz Al-Ket, who is a staunch supporter of al-Sisi’s government, to deprecate that report, describing it as ‘misleading’ and ‘contradictory,’ while alluding to the EU’s dichotomous attitude saying: “People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.”

Al-Ket went on saying: “Egypt now has very capable hands to destroy its sworn enemies for daring to point an accusing finger at Egypt or the Egyptian. We are not just members in the world community but formidable rivals with world game-changers.”

“We will no longer tolerate anyone or any entity that dare to speak ill of Egypt. Egypt needs to tell the world its real narrative, and to put the fear of God into anyone who attempts to strip Egypt of its dignity anywhere,Al-Ket warned.

Momtaz Al Ket is a renowned Egyptian journalist and he former editor in chief of the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar El Yom. 

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