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This Egyptian Coptic solider told his story on Facebook, and it is awesome!

Thursday 16-03 - 03:06 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Shenouda Nageh, the
Shenouda Nageh, the Egyptian Coptic Christian conscript, who the social media has been abuzz with his story

Sinai- Shenouda Nageh, an Egyptian Coptic Christian conscript in the armed forces, who was deployed in Sinai, has finished his military service a few days ago after he voluntarily postponed it for 15 days more because of a noble cause he and his regiment started.

His story, which he posted on Facebook, has dazzled and impressed Egyptians, especially Muslims, and he has become the talk of the activists on the virtual world.

Shenouda, an Egyptian from Sohag governorate and a graduate from Faculty of Archeology, South Valley University, has just finished his military service a few days ago, although the real date was 15 days ago, yet he refused to leave his battalion in Sinai but only after putting the inscriptions and paintings on the walls of a new mosque that he and his fellow soldiers decided to build with their own efforts.

"This is God’s House," with these few simple words the young man expressed why he did so. He further said: “I have sacrificed the joy of my official discharge from the military despite my physical pains, which I kept a secret from all around me, just to complete the work I had started in the mosque.

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