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Parliament’s deputy speaker to British delegation: Egypt is steadily moving forward in combating terrorism

British Conservative Party Leader commends Egypt's pivotal role in terrorism combat

Monday 20-03-2017 - 01:26 PM
Mohamed Arabi
 #UK Parliament delegation
#UK Parliament delegation in Cairo headed by the Rt Hon @HugoSwire who wants to strengthen ties with #Egypt (Twitter)

CairoEl-Sayed El-Sharif, Egyptian Parliament's deputy speaker, and the Foreign Relations Committee’s representatives received Sir Hugo Swire, Leader of the British Conservative Party, and his accompanying delegation on the Middle East Affairs to discuss international and regional topics of common interest.

After the meeting yesterday, El-Sharif stressed the need for concerted efforts to fight terrorism, noting that Egypt is steadily moving forward in its fight against terrorism in order to restore the stability and security of the war-weary region.

El-Sharif stressed on the common issues between the Egyptian and British sides, especially in the field of immigration, pointing out that the total number of immigrants from Egypt to the Britain’s surrounding or neighbouring countries has been estimated at five million immigrants.

Swire called on his accompanying British delegation to speak of what they have witnessed in terms of levels of security and stability that Egypt has achieved so far, when they are back to their homelands, hoping that Egypt’s tourism sector will return to its normalcy sooner rather than later.

At the end of the meeting, Hugo Swire expressed his full appreciation for Egypt's pivotal role in the restoration of stability and security to the region, praising the efforts of Egypt to combat terrorism and stressing the need for concerted international efforts to eliminate it from the roots.

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