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Muslim Brotherhood Youth-led Front converts to ideological revisionism

Monday 20-03-2017 - 03:34 PM
Mohamed Arabi
The Brotherhood youth
The Brotherhood youth poised to make Ideological revisions, reach out to 100 thinkers for evaluation

Cairo – Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has announced its intention to embark on ‘historical and ideological revisions’ of its long-standing views, theories, doctrines, especially a revision of the group situation, events and activities that have concatenated since the eruption of the January 2011 Revolution to date.

In a statement on Sunday, Mohamed Kamal’s Front (Kamal is an MB Guidance Office Leader), mostly known in media as the “Youth-led Leadership,” stated that Front’s leading members have made every effort to come up with a preliminary version of a review that self-critiques and assesses the Brotherhood’s overall situation, titled: “Pre-Review Reflections,” and set to be announced tomorrow. 

Muslim Brotherhood's
Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie (C) reacts with other brotherhood members at a court in the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt May 16, 2015. (Reuters)

The Front’s spokesperson pointed out that the Revisionist Review is adapted from multiple research studies, books, conclusions, workshops conducted by several specialists in sociology, politics, law and Islamic Law, with the participation of some Brotherhood’s cadres at home and abroad.

In support of the Front’s argument, the Spokesperson quoted some Qur’anic verses and Prophetic traditions confirming that there exists divine ordinances that enjoin constant self-assessment, considerations and rectifications on Islamic groups so that the entire Islamic Ummah (i.e. Islamic world) would hold onto the hard-won title of being, “The best community that had been brought forth to humanity.

The Spokesperson went on saying: “That’s why it is incumbent on us to convert to ‘revisionism’ in order to aspire to that honor that the Almighty God has conferred and bestowed upon us,” - according to his statement.

“In its efforts to make solid conclusions and realistic appraisals, the Front has reached out to more than 100 intellectuals, politicians, thinkers, public figures, scholars and those concerned with the Brotherhood’s situation to get their counsel and opinions on the whole review matter.

"Copies of the Initial Revisionist Review have been handed over to them in order to ensure critically calm appraisals and constructive criticisms from multifarious perspectives,” added the spokesperson.

On the other hand, Ibrahim Munir, Secretary of the International Muslim Brotherhood, speaking on behalf of Mahmoud Ezzat's Front (Ezzat is the Brotherhood’s acting General leader) said: “He knows nothing about those so-called revisions.”

“There are, of course, differences that arise among the group’s member board on organization, courses of actions and general decisions. It is much as any similar entity, calling it “a totally normal thing,” added Munir in a statement for the semi-official Egyptian Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper.

For his part, Al-Za'farani Khaled, a Muslim Brotherhood dissenter, said: “When it comes to ‘revisionism’ I do not expect that the Muslim Brotherhood will ever abandon the beliefs of Sayyid Qutb, one of MB's influential ideologues.”

In a related context, Kamal’s Front has strongly denied the allegations that the revisionist reviews are coming out just to settle scores with Brotherhood’s elders, or to pursue personal vendetta against anyone within the group. 

This last statement comes against the backdrop that Brotherhood has been reportedly experiencing an internecine conflicts between its youth and the elder leaders, AlBawaba News Portal once reported.   


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