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Ali urges MPs to consider State Council's view on Judicial Appointment Bill

Monday 17-04-2017 - 08:43 PM Al-Bawaba
MP Abdel Rehim Ali
MP Abdel Rehim Ali (Archive)
Cairo - Abdel Rehim Ali urged the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ali Abdel Aal, and all parliament members to consider the State Council’s recommendations on the Judicial Appointment Bill.

Ali, member of parliament, aims to preserve the unity of the country, which could be severely affected by expected clashes to happen between the legislative and judicial authorities, after the House of Representatives had approved the bill.

The Judicial Appointment Bill

President Abdel Fattah
President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi (Reuters)
The Parliament’s Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee has approved a bill which grants the President powers to appoint Egypt’s top judicial posts from three nominations fielded by the institutions’ Supreme Council.

It states that in the case of the judicial body’s Supreme Council failing to present their recommendations to the President - two months prior to the end of the term of the sitting head - the President is then entitled to omit this step and directly make the appointment.

Judicial Rejection

The State Council's
The State Council's headquarters (Archive)

The decision, which affects all judicial branches, has been described as a blow to the independence of the judiciary system.

The State Council rejected the draft law, in a letter sent to Abdel Aal in February, affirming the council’s insistence on appointment by seniority.

Abdel Aal responded to the letter by highlighting that while consultation with judicial bodies is mandated, waiting for a response, or complying with it is not required.

Abdel Rehim Ali's Initiative

Speaker of the Egyptian
Speaker of the Egyptian House of Representatives Ali Abdel Aal (Archive)

MP Ali launched an initiative to avoid expected verbal clashes between the legislative and judicial authorities.

The Judges Club, the legitimate representative of  judges in Egypt, agreed to the initiative, while Abdel Aal promised to consider the State Council’s recommendations.

"This step is the only way to prevent a potential crisis that could erupt between the legislative and judicial authorities whereas we need national unity among all state institutions to stand united against terrorism and extremism that has plagued the country,” Ali asserted.

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