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Sufis invite Copts to attend celebrations of Al-Sayeda Zeinab’s birth

Wednesday 19-04-2017 - 07:15 PM
Mohamed Arabi & Al-Bawaba
A picture from Mouled
A picture from Mouled of “al-Sayeda Zeinab” in 2016
Cairo — Leaders of Egypt’s Sufi Orders announced that they have sent formal invitations to a number of Coptic church figures to attend the traditional celebrations of the Mouled of 'al-Sayeda Zeinab'.
The celebrations are already underway during this month, while April 25th marks 'Al-Leila Al-Kebeera' (The Grand Night), which is the final night of a week-long of festivity celebrating the birth of 'Al-Sayeda Zeinab'.
'Mouled' literally means birth in Arabic. Islamic Mouleds are synchronized with the Islamic Lunar calendar. Other popular Mouleds include: Al-Mouled Al-Nabawy, Mouled Al-Hussein, and Mouled Al-Sayyed Al-Badawi.
Mouleds are celebrated by both Christians and Muslims in Egypt, each in their respective religion. Mouled Al-Adra (The Virgin Mary), and Mouled Mari Girgis are the two largest Coptic Mouled celebrations.
According to Sufi organizers, Egypt’s Sufi Orders want to send a powerful message to the forces of extremism and terrorism that Egyptian people are as united as one single body; when one organ ails, the rest of the body ails as well
A picture shows Sufis
A picture shows Sufis congratulating Pope for Christmas
Albawaba News Portal learnt from its sources that the invitations were sent directly from a number of Sufi Orders leaders, most prominent of whom are Sheikh Alaa al-Din Abu al-Azaim, Sheikh Abdul-Khaliq al-Shabrawi, and Dr. Abdullah al-Nasser Helmy.
According to Sufi organizers, the sole purpose of the invitation is to unite all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, against terrorism, especially that Sufis and Copts come next in line after Egyptian army and police as the most vulnerable factions prone to terrorist attacks since terrorist groups have always targeted them.
In the same context, Mohammed al-Shazly, a member of Alexandria’s Sufi Orders, said in statements for Albawaba Portal: “We have to unite against all terrorist groups that systemically blow up churches, attack mosques and demolish Sufi shrines whether in Sinai or in any other city and village across Egypt. He continues by saying, “Exchanging invitation is the most effective and powerful response to those militants who aim to drive a wedge between citizens of one and the same nation on the basis of religion, affiliation or even intellectual orientation.”

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