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Egyptian government drafts bill to combat cyberspace terrorism on social media

Wednesday 19-04-2017 - 04:26 PM
Mohamed Arabi & Al-Bawaba
Egyptian government
Cairo —  Assem El-Genidi, Assistant Secretary-General of the Conservative Party (or Hizb Al-Mohafezeen), has commended the government’s move to bring the long-awaited Cybercrime Bill to motion, describing the move as “a great boon to pre-empt and prevent any online subversive activities such as extremist ideology, cyber bullying and spreading false news in an already-troubled Egyptian society.”
El-Genidi pointed out that there are international forces that do not want good for Egypt and attempt to undermine its authority by using the Internet as an instrument to play on the emotions and fears of the people. He continued, “Cyberspace creates a vast new opportunity for conspiracy, crime, espionage, and terrorism. These subversive activities target Egypt’s stability and Egyptian unity. Targeting Coptic churches is the biggest evidence that fourth-generation warfare (4GW) is being deployed against Egypt. In this day and age, modern social media networks are the main engine that circulate false news and rumors in Egypt,” he asserted.
Assem El-Genidi
Assem El-Genidi
He added that, “Terrorist groups use “encrypted” means of communication to carry out their criminal operations, not to mention how they use those communicators for espionage in favor of unfriendly states and governments in order to provide them with declassified information about the movements and goings of the personnel of the Egyptian army and security services, who put their lives in real jeopardy.”
El-Genidi pointed out that the ratification of the Cybercrime Bill would result in internet users in Egypt to face severe prison sentences and fines for any subversive online activity that have real, and negative impact on the Egyptian state.
“Social networkers, especially those on 'Facebook', who are involved in activities such aiding and abetting terrorist operations, providing publicity for terrorist entities or incitement against the army and police forces will be sentenced to aggravated imprisonment, he emphasized.
The new Cybercrime law has maximized the penalty for cyberspace crimes, including aggravated imprisonment for those who create websites, pages or accounts on the internet for purpose of establishing a terrorist entity, promoting extremist ideas or perpetrating terrorist acts, or for communications between terrorist elements.”

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