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Experts accuse Qatar of smuggling arms to terrorists in Libya

Wednesday 19-04-2017 - 06:39 PM
Mohamed Arabi & Al-Bawaba
Terrorists in Libya
Terrorists in Libya
Libya — Over the past period, the Libyan situation has been characterized by violence and security lapses causing chaos inside the country and along its porous borders.
The lack of security has made it possible that staggering large quantities of arms have been smuggled into and stored in Libya. With the help of terrorist groups that flocked to Libya following Gaddafi’s overthrow, extremist and terrorist elements, alongside of the Muslim Brotherhood,  have managed to seize plenty of ammunition and arms that are being used to carry out terrorist operations.
But who is responsible for supplying terrorist with heavy artillery and weaponry? Many experts and whistleblowers have pointed an accusing finger at some specific countries, each country having a history of aiding, training and/or harboring terrorist.
Major General Hossam
Major General Hossam Sweilem
Major General Hossam Sweilem said, “The main source of terrorists’ access to weapons comes directly through Qatari and Turkish assistance; the two countries always make sure that all weapons reach Libya regardless of the circumstances.” 
"Yet," he also added,  “there are difficulties that face these groups and extremist elements, on the western border of the country, the top of these difficulties being the Egyptian army that makes every effort to counter their activities such as, closing all outlets that lead to arms' smuggling through Sudanese territory, and destroying all their tunnels which they had built specifically for the purpose of supplying arms.”
Dr. Hassan Salama
Dr. Hassan Salama
Dr. Hassan Salama, a professor of Political Science at Cairo University, said, “Sudan’s geographical location, its proximity to Libyan territories south of the border, and the heavy presence of terrorist elements and extremist groups, have allowed the smuggling of arms to thrive there. It accounts for the rampant spread of weapon smuggling that mainly supplies terrorist operations along and across the border.

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