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Egyptian MPs call for Sinai’s development to eliminate terrorism

Thursday 20-04-2017 - 01:01 PM
St. Catherine's Monastery
St. Catherine's Monastery

Egyptian members of Parliament condemned the terrorist attack that targeted a check point in the surrounding area of St. Catherine's Monastery in the South Sinai governorate, stressing the need for issuing more legislation to develop Sinai during the coming period.

Egyptian MP Alaa
Egyptian MP Alaa Abed

New legislation

Chairperson of the Human Rights committee of Egypt’s Parliament, Alaa Abed, said that the security solution could eliminate terrorists, while not terrorism. He emphasized the need to take serious steps to develop Sinai and reform the religious discourse in order to eliminate terrorism, blaming former President Hosni Mubarak for ignoring this area.

He called upon the Egyptian Parliament to issue a new legislation to develop the Sinai Peninsula by supporting the flow of industrial and agricultural investments. He proposed to transfer the headquarters of some ministries to Sinai and to develop its infrastructure to attract Egyptians to work there.

The call to develop Sinai is not the first of its kind, as many experts believe that economic development of Sinai is the only way to eliminate terrorism. They believe that the extremist groups use the increasing unemployment and dire economic situation to manipulate the minds of a large number of youth. 

Egyptian MP Kamal
Egyptian MP Kamal Amer

Small projects

In the same context, Chairperson of Parliament’s Defense and National Security committee, Kamal Amer, refuted the accusations about the government’s inaction to develop Sinai, saying that the Egyptian government has paid over LE 52 billion since 1982 to implement plans of development in Sinai. He added that the government exerted increasing efforts in this regard during the past two years.

He stressed the need for changing the culture of internal migration, saying that the government should support small projects along the border areas to make it more attractive for the Egyptian people to reside and/or work there. He requested for the members of Parliament’s Small Projects committee to conduct a visit to Sinai as soon as possible to give their proposals over the ways to support the economic projects there.

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