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Our government is an Israeli puppet, and state security controls local media.

Qatari intelligence whistle-blower exposes who runs Al-Jazeera

Sunday 23-04-2017 - 03:27 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Famous media Network,
Famous media Network, Al-Jazeera

Cairo— Ali al-Dahnim, a former officer in the Qatari intelligence, revealed that the media industry in Qatar is heavily controlled by state security apparatus that runs the media both financially and administratively, including the well-known media network, Al-Jazeera, which is directly run by state security.


In a phone call with Egyptian media anchor, Ahmed Musa, on his nightly program, “On my Responsibility,” al-Dahnim said that due to its direct links with Qatar's state security, Al-Jazeera has never adhered to media and journalistic standards.  

Our government is an Israeli puppet. State security sways our local media

Ali al-Dahnim, a
Ali al-Dahnim, a former Qatari intelligence officer

He added: “By and large, its [Al-Jazzera] news content comes under the sway of security officials, rendering it as a mouthpiece for Qatar’s security and intelligence apparatus. Not to mention its free publicity to hardened terrorists such as Osama bin Laden who used to use Al Jazeera as an outlet to disseminate his terror messages to the world.”

Al-Dahnim explained that Qatar is merely a satellite state for Israel and the United States of America, and that the best relationship role-model that has ever existed between any two countries, is actually between Qatar and Israel.  He claims that Qatar is the only Arab country that has made large investments worth billions of dollars in Israel.

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