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Abdul Hakim Belhadj: Billionaire Terrorist

Monday 12-06-2017 - 12:44 AM
Abdul Hakim Belhadj:
Tripoli- Libya’s National Defense and Security Committee has increased the terrorist list of names to include 75 individuals and nine entities linked to Qatar.
One of the foremost on the list is Libyan citizen Abdul Hakim Belhadj.
Belhadj is best known to be the one guarding Qatari interests in Libya. He is a former Al-Qaeda terrorist and linked to the LIFG, which was founded in the 1990s, by fighters who had returned from to Libya from Afghanistan. 
In February of 2004, with help from the CIA, he was arrested in Malaysia by the Bureau of Passport and Immigration. After this arrest, he was deported to Bangkok where the CIA carried out an interrogation with him. On March 8, 2004 he was deported to Libya, and was imprisoned for six years at Abu Salim Prison.
He was later released in March, 2010.
The toppling of Muammar Gaddafi, paved the way for Belhadj to become a billionaire leader in the world of terrorism.
He led the National Party and became a leader in the military junta in Tripoli. He is founder of the 'Wings Aviation Company', and owns a fleet of planes that provide flights between Tripoli and other countries. 

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