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Abo Ismail Al-Masry…from TV presenter to ISIS fighter

Saturday 08-07-2017 - 12:13 PM
Khalid Fahmy
Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google
Cairo –Five years after his escape from Egypt, Hisham Mahmod Deyab (Abo Ismail Al-Masry) was shot dead in Syria in the fighting among terrorist organizations in Syria during the past period. The killing of Deyab, a fighter from the Islamic State terror organization (ISIS), was confirmed by Rabie Ali Shalabi, former leading figure of Al-Jamaʻah Al-Islamiyah.
Abo Ismail was born in 1950 and his father is renowned playwright Mahmod Deyab, who wrote several films for the Egyptian cinema.  Abo Ismail got BA in photography from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1982. He worked as an assistant director and presenter from 78 to 85 on the Egyptian state-run TV. He traveled to the Netherlands, where he lived and worked at Dutch TV from 85 to 93. He got a diploma in sociology and worked as a social worker in Amsterdam until 1995. Then, he worked as a freelance photographer and director in Saudi Arabia. Abo Ismail is a Dutch national and got married to a Dutch woman. 
Following the September 11 attacks, Abo Ismail was sentenced to three years in prison for heading an organization that plotted to assassinate key politicians, artists and businessmen. 
Abo Ismail remained in Egyptian prisons until the arrival of ousted president Mohamed Morsi, when he was released and traveled to Syria by the end of 2012.

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