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Read an Egyptian hero martyr’s last message

Sunday 09-07-2017 - 04:50 PM
Egyptian Army Colonel
Egyptian Army Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi
Cairo - The last words of Egyptian Army Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi before he was killed in a terrorist attack Friday in North Sinai has moved many Egyptians to tears.

A Whatsapp recording has revealed how the colonel sought assistance and praised his colleagues as militants targeted their security checkpoint near Rafah on Friday.

“Allaho Akbar to all the heroes of North Sinai ... These could be the last minutes of my life,” he is heard saying, praising his comrades.

Al-Mansi said in the recording that he and four other soldiers were the only ones alive after militants killed other army personnel in the checkpoint.

“We are holding on to life and to the land and will not leave any martyr behind...we’d either bring back their rights or die like them.”

Al-Mansi lost his life along 26 army personnel who were killed in the attack. His family held his funeral prayers on Saturday.

The Egyptian army said that it had killed the 40 militants involved in the attack, which was later claimed by ISIS.

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