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Egyptian MPs calls for US clear stance on Qatar

Friday 14-07-2017 - 12:23 AM
Khalid Fahmy
Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google
Cairo – The United States of America has played a new role in the crisis of Qatar with Arab countries through its mediation. This role is evidenced after Washington signed on Wednesday a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Doha to fight terrorism.
This step proves that Qatar is in the main supporter and financer of terrorist groups in the Middle East.
Some Egyptian MPs called for clarifying the US stance on Qatar, as Washington has only two options: either to admit that Doha supports and funds terrorism or enhance US economic interests at the expense of Arab countries. 
MP Mohamed Orabi, former Egyptian foreign minister, said the MOU aims to circumvent the stance of the Arab quartet; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, which broke ties with Doha due to Qatar’s support for terrorist groups in the region.
Orabi told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the stance of Western countries on this crisis has become clear, as there is an obvious bias in favor of Qatar that supports terrorism. 
Tarek El-Kholy, secretary of the parliament’s foreign relations committee, said that most practices exercised by Doha for supporting and funding terrorist groups were committed with the blessing of the previous administration of the United States, as US President Donald Trump acknowledged in his election campaign. Trump stated that terrorism spread worldwide has been created by former US leader Barack Obama.
El-Kholy stressed that the United States is responsible for creating terrorism worldwide, so it has to play a different role to counter terrorism-backed practices, noting that Washington’s mediation in the Qatari crisis aims only to enhance US political and economic interests. 
El-Kholy added that the United States has only two options: either to admit that Doha supports and funds terrorism or enhance US economic interests at the expense of Arab countries.
Mostafa Bakri, member of the parliament’s legislative and constitutional affairs committee, said the MOU is only a notorious deal signed between Doha and Washington. 
“When the United States and Qatar sign this MOU in the absence of the Arab quartet to allege that Doha is ready to stop financial and logistic support for terrorism; it means that a deal has been struck to buy weapons for billions of dollars,” Bakri said.
Bakri added that the Arab quartet will not bow to the US pressures, calling for bringing the Qatari regime to justice. 
“Cairo will not bow to any pressures practiced by the United States at the expense of Egypt’s national security,” he added.

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