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Every wife has to school her husband

In Morocco: 'Wife is allowed to beat her husband'

Sunday 16-07-2017 - 09:41 AM
"Blue Monday" - a shoemaker's wife beating her husband, broadsheet published by C. “
Domestic violence:
Domestic violence: Wife schooling husband
Rabat – Moroccan Islamic scholar Mokhtar Hassan  issued a controversial fatwa (i.e. religious edict) stating that wife is allowed to beat her husband if the latter has a drinking habit and comes home late and hung-over. 

Hassan made this odd fatwa through a Moroccan radio program that hosted him to impart and share his religious opinion. The fatwa went viral on all media outlets, the public and private alike. 

According to several Moroccan media outlets,  the fatwa goes as follows: "It is permissible for the wife to beat her husband in a way that corresponds with certain principles of Sharia, the Islamic sharia."
As a consequence, Moroccan authorities immediately suspended the radio program for a month period on grounds that the program's message is bound to cause major differences and stark flaw in the fabric of the Moroccan family.

Morocco is a Sunni Muslim-majority Arab country located in the Maghreb region of North Africa. 

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