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Saudi Council tweets: Outcast, partisan Muslim Brotherhood cares less about faith

Sunday 16-07-2017 - 12:16 PM
The Council of Senior Scholars
Saudi Scholars Council
Saudi Scholars Council took to twitter to express and reiterate its official stance on Muslim Brotherhood

Riyadh - Saudi Council of Senior Scholars recently took to twitter to express and reiterate its official stance on Muslim Brotherhood group, doctrines, rhetoric and records.

“Muslim Brotherhood is not part of the correct Manhaj, i.e. pious methodology; but rather they are splinter group that aspire to power at all costs, and never care about Islamic doctrine and revivalism,” the council tweeted on Friday June 20, 2017.

The council further added, in a tweet through its Twitter page: “The Muslim Brotherhood has no interest or whatsoever in setting Islamic doctrine right or upholding the Islamic teachings and traditions as imparted and conveyed by Prophet Muhammad and early band of Muslims;” asserting that the Brotherhood’s methodology is basically underpinned on subverting and rebelling against stable communities in the region.

The General Secretariat of the Council in June 2017 stated that: “Islam outlaws terrorism and considers it as a corruption in the land, which ultimately serves only the people with racist believes that spread hatred and push for more division, which does not serve to build a world of order and a recognition of rights.”

The Council of Senior Scholars, also known as the Senior Council of Ulema, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's highest religious body, and advises the king on religious matters. The Council is committed to, and continues to be, supporting all national and international endeavors to help eradicate the terrorist scourge and its supporters from the roots.

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