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Exclusive Interview: Brotherhood Operatives lobby against Egypt in US – says Cynthia Farahat

Wednesday 19-07-2017 - 12:44 PM
Muslim Brotherhood Delegation flashing the Rabia sign in front of the U.S. Capitol
Egyptian analyst
Egyptian analyst Cynthia Farahat
Cairo - Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has managed to dominate Islamic platforms and mosques in the United States over the past few years, said Egyptian analyst Cynthia Farahat in an interview with Al-Bawaba News Portal. 

Farahat is an Egyptian author, columnist, political analyst, writer and researcher. Co-founder of the Misr El-Umm (2003-06) and the Liberal Egyptian (2006-08) parties, which "stood for peace with Israel, capitalism, and the abolition of theocracy".

Farahat said that Muslim Brotherhood enjoys increasing influence in America, saying that the group’s members use their influence to incite against Egypt. 

The Egyptian researcher living in the United States exerted increasing efforts to refute the claims promoted by the leaders of the extremist group to smear Egypt’s image in the American institutions. She revealed that she met with a number of congressmen to discuss the threats posed by this group against not only the security of Egypt but also the security of the whole region.

Accordingly, here is a selection of excerpts from the interview on subjects ranging from roles of radical groups, religious institutions to other headline-grabbing issues related to that theme that we have discussed with Farahat.

- Why did you leave home to the United States?

I decided to leave Egypt after the death of one of my dear friend called Michael Mosaad in demonstrations staged by Coptic community in front of the Egyptian state TV Maspiro Building in 2011. I received hundreds of death threats from Islamists. I realized that my life was in real jeopardy so I decided to head to the United States of  America alongside my family.

- Have you met with congressmen?

Yes, so far I have met with 54 congressmen. We have discussed, inter alia, how Muslim Brotherhood poses serious threats to Egypt, my country. I am bound to hold other meetings with other politicians in the United States for the same purpose. 

- What are the major issues you discussed with those congressmen at the meetings?

Most importantly, I gave them glimpses at the bloody history of Muslim Brotherhood since its inception in 1928, and how the group have been a source of inspiration to other extremist groups, including Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Hamas, threatening not only Egypt but the world at large. I explained how the extremist group infiltrated into universities, think tanks, and media centers in the United States. I called on them to vote on a bill to designate the Brotherhood as "FTO", or Official Terrorist Organization.

- What are the reasons of sectarian tensions in Egypt from your viewpoint?

The main reason behind sectarian incidents in Egypt is the extremist ideas promoted by extremist groups that work just to overthrow the state. The extremists work to promote discriminative approach between Muslim and Christians, Sunnis and Shiites, and even men and women.

- What is your message to Pope Tawadros and Al-Azhar’s Grand Imam?

I call on both of them to stay away from politics and to limit to their activities to protecting religious teachings from malicious attempts to smear their histories. These institutions should never play any role in politics , but work seriously and diligently on rebutting extremist thoughts and ideologies promoted by extremists to protect the community from the danger of such ideas. 

- Do you have a specific message you want to send to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi?

Yes! I want to express appreciation to Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi. I call on him to release Muslim cleric Mohamed Abdullah Nasr who has been sentenced to five-year imprisonment on charge of contempt of Islam.


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