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Salafis angered by closure of Preacher 'Hafez Omar' Facebook account Cairo- “Facebook” was the cause of igniting the anger of the followers of Salafi currents in Egypt and in the Islamic World after the closure of the account of the Salafi Sheikh and Preacher “Hafez ... Tuesday 28-02-2017 07:42 PM Analyst: Targeting Sinai Copts aims to destabilization of Egypt Cairo- ‘Ahmad Fawzi’, a political analyst, condemned the recent terrorist attacks, which targeted a group of Egyptian Copts in Al-Arish, North Sinai, and killed seven of them, stressing that the ... Tuesday 28-02-2017 07:39 PM Egypt determined to eliminate terrorists in N. Sinai - Sisi Tuesday 28-02-2017 02:04 PM North Sinai governor: Copts’ 'voluntary exodus' is temporary measure Tuesday 28-02-2017 05:08 AM Nahia residents pay tribute to Abu Trika's father Cairo - Hundreds of the residents of Nahia (a district in Giza) performed the funeral prayers in a mosque called “Abou Senna” on the body of the father of the Egyptian soccer player in “Al-Ahly ... Tuesday 28-02-2017 05:07 AM ‘Al-Sisi’ meets Al-Azhar Grand Imam to discuss rectifying image of Islam Cairo – on Sunday, President ‘Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’ had a meeting with Dr. ‘Ahmed Al-Tayeb’, at the Presidency Headquarters in Heliopolis, to discuss the efforts exerted by Al-Azhar for rectifying ... Monday 27-02-2017 10:01 PM Al-Azhar and Church jointly organize conference on "freedom and citizenship” Cairo - President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday met with Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of al-Azhar at the presidential Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo. Monday 27-02-2017 10:00 PM Al-Azhar, Vatican work together to counter religious justification for violence Cairo - A Joint Symposium titled, “T he Role of Al Azhar Al- Sharif and of the Vatican in Confronting the Phenomena of Fanaticism, Extremism and Violence,” was held on February 22-23 at Al ... Monday 27-02-2017 02:56 PM President al-Sisi: Al-Azhar is beacon of Islamic moderation and knowledge Cairo - President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday met with Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of al-Azhar at the presidential Palace in Heliopolis, Cairo. Spokesman for the presidency ambassador ... Monday 27-02-2017 02:56 PM UK foreign secretary tours Giza Pyramids Monday 27-02-2017 01:37 PM PM holds preparatory meeting for Merkel’s visit Monday 27-02-2017 10:26 AM UN chief's envoy arrives in Cairo Cairo - UN Special Envoy for the Great Lakes region Said Djinnit arrived in Cairo Today Sunday to take part in a high-level workshop organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on issues pertaining ... Sunday 26-02-2017 02:42 PM Four cars driven by gunmen caused panic in streets of Al-Arish Sinai - A security source in Northern Sinai said that a group of gunmen were riding four cars opened fire in the streets in front of Al-Zohour district. The security source explained that those ... Sunday 26-02-2017 02:40 PM Egypt's Grand Mufti: 'Single Mother' destroys our values Question: Being a Single Mother in Egypt: Vice or virtue? Sunday 26-02-2017 10:50 AM "MFA": Egypt is the first ranks of countries combating terrorism globally Thursday 23-02-2017 03:06 PM