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Muslim Brotherhood seeks to drive wedge between Egyptian people & army Cairo - The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group and its supporters have attempted to foment sedition and cause troubles between the Egyptian Armed Forces and residents of the Nile island of ... Thursday 20-07-2017 10:13 PM Al-Warraq Island’s crisis unravels more of MB's Machiavellianism Cairo – The outlawed Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group has been seeking to spread rumors and cause riot, chaos and violence against Egypt’s state-run institution since the June 30 Revolution through ... Thursday 20-07-2017 09:47 PM Hasm militia, Muslim Brotherhood’s military wing: says TV anchor LIVE on air Cairo – Media anchor Neshat al-Daihi said that the Hasm, or Hassam Militia, (i.e. The Arms of Egypt) is the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, stressing that it carries out terrorist ... Thursday 20-07-2017 05:27 PM Dahi Khalfan takes to Twitter slamming Muslim Brotherhood & Qatar’s Al-Thani family Dubai - Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan, former chief of the Dubai Police Force, said that the statelet of Qatar is deeply infiltrated by all rabid terrorist groups, the first and foremost of ... Thursday 20-07-2017 04:35 PM Commentator: Muslim Brotherhood still labors under the delusion of regaining power Cairo - Veteran journalist, Makram Mohamed Ahmed, head of Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation (SCMR), said Tuesday that the members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group are still laboring ... Wednesday 19-07-2017 08:59 PM Qatar finances 242 associations related to Muslim Brotherhood Paris - Qatar’s government used its increasing investments in Europe to promote the extremist ideas adopted by Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups, said participants in “Qatari ... Wednesday 19-07-2017 06:20 AM Report: Muslim Brotherhood seeks safe haven other than Qatar - Watchdog says Tuesday 18-07-2017 04:06 PM Upcoming Book Release: Return to Shadows: Muslim Brotherhood & An-Nahda since Arab Spring Cairo - Soon to be published by Dar Al-Saqi for Publishing House, Beirut-Lebanon, Arabic translation of the book Return to the Shadows: The Muslim Brotherhood and An-Nahda since the Arab ... Monday 17-07-2017 02:21 PM Saudi Council tweets: Outcast, partisan Muslim Brotherhood cares less about faith Riyadh - Saudi Council of Senior Scholars recently took to twitter to express and reiterate its official stance on Muslim Brotherhood group, doctrines, rhetoric and records. “Muslim Brotherhood ... Sunday 16-07-2017 12:16 PM Brotherhood prisoners make ideological revisionism, seek release from prison Cairo – A large number of the Muslim Brotherhood members, who are currently jailed in Egypt, have expressed their desire to embark on an ideological revisionism and disconnect from the MB group, ... Saturday 15-07-2017 09:50 PM Paper uncovers coordination between MB, ISIS over terrorist attacks in Egypt Cairo - The London-based Al Hayat newspaper has learned that Egypt’s security bodies have “irrefutable evidence” of coordination between the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS terrorist group to carry out ... Friday 14-07-2017 12:02 PM MB dissidents call for correcting extremist thoughts of prisoners Cairo – Several Muslim Brotherhood dissidents have called for forming a panel from Al-Azhar scholars to spread awareness among Islamist detainees, who were remanded into custody on terrorism ... Friday 14-07-2017 10:02 AM MB establishes media observatory in Sudan Khartoum – The members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group have found a secure refuge in Khartoum after they have been hemmed in by several Arab countries and their all media wings have been shut ... Thursday 13-07-2017 10:22 PM Fate of MB and IS is similar, leading figure says Cairo – A leading figure from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) group compared the fate of his group with the Islamic State (IS), urging the Brotherhood to reconsider and review its policies to avoid the ... Thursday 13-07-2017 08:21 PM Muslim preacher warns of Brotherhood return to politics in Egypt Cairo - A Muslim preacher has warned of a return of the Muslim Brotherhood group to the political scene once again in Egypt. Osama El-Qusy stressed that the Brotherhood members have no loyalty but ... Thursday 13-07-2017 03:15 AM