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Sisi in no need of forming political party due to high popularity: says ex-minister Monday 28-08-2017 09:54 AM Dr. Ghada Abdel Rahim, ‘youngest Ambassador of happiness’: Changing negative narrative of Arab women Sunday 20-08-2017 04:08 PM Marginalization striks Egyptian women despite government's efforts: says former diplomat Saturday 19-08-2017 04:54 PM Rabaa was massacre against Egypt’s police: says activist Friday 18-08-2017 06:50 PM Quranist Leader: 'Our School of Thought is the only capable of reforming religious discourse' Cairo - After President Al-Sisi has demanded from leaders of religious institutions in Egypt to reconsider many issues of Fiqh that are the bases of the thought of terrorist organizations, many ... Tuesday 01-08-2017 03:41 PM Al-Azhar took important steps to renew religious discourse, official Cairo - Egypt’s Islamic Research Academy launched a range of initiatives during the latest months aiming to promote moderate ideas, including preaching cafes and metro stations in Cairo. The ... Tuesday 25-07-2017 03:28 AM Exclusive Interview: Brotherhood Operatives lobby against Egypt in US – says Cynthia Farahat Cairo - Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has managed to dominate Islamic platforms and mosques in the United States over the past few years, said Egyptian analyst Cynthia Farahat in an interview with ... Wednesday 19-07-2017 12:44 PM Sufi Grand Sheikh: Sufism best antidote for religious extremism Saturday 17-06-2017 09:46 PM MP says parliament's discussion of Tiran, Sanafir deal violates constitution Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Diaa El-Din Dawoud said that the parliament’s discussion of the maritime border demarcation agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia violates the Egyptian ... Thursday 15-06-2017 12:30 AM French family talking about their visit to Egypt Cairo – Although the Egyptian government is exerting great efforts to revive tourism and regain the large number of tourists who would visit the country before the January 25 Revolution of 2011, it ... Saturday 10-06-2017 12:00 PM Islamic Research Center member: 'Religious discourse is a shared responsibility' Cairo - The increasing criticism against Egypt’s Al Azhar has reached an unprecedented level as of late, said member of Islamic Research Center Dr. Mohamed Al Shahat Al Guendi, adding that Egypt’s ... Friday 02-06-2017 01:07 AM Wahid Hamed taking you behind the scenes of Al Gamaa II Thursday 01-06-2017 04:53 AM Egypt's MP: Mr. President, I did not convey my point of view properly! Cairo - Member of Egyptian Parliament Dr. Aboul Maaty Mostafa representative for the Kafr Saad province in Damietta governorate said that he was practicing his right as a parliament member when he ... Thursday 01-06-2017 04:53 AM First interview with Minya bus driver reveals more about terrorist attack that killed 29 Christians Minya (Upper Egypt) - Boshra Kamel Girgis, the driver of the bus that was ambushed by masked men in Minya on Friday spent 3 hours in the operation room of Nasser Institute Hospital to extract 3 ... Saturday 27-05-2017 07:02 PM Video: Survivor says terrorists robbed victims, ordered them to utter the declarations of Islamic faith Minya (Upper Egypt) – A witness who survived the terrorist attack on the Minya buses on the west desert road of Maghagha, said: Masked men driving four sports utility vehicles ambushed the bus and ... Saturday 27-05-2017 06:45 PM