Building in Different Countries: Architectural Travel

Architecture is the ultimate form of cultural diplomacy. It doesn’t matter if you’re an architect or just someone who appreciates buildings, engineering and travel; it’s well worth exploring different ways to build buildings in other countries. Architectural travel can be a way to experience the world from a unique perspective and learn more about building practices around the globe.

What is Architectural Travel?

Architectural travel is when you travel to another country and you experience their architecture. You can take pictures of it, write about the buildings that interest you most, etc. I think this is a great idea because different countries have different ways of building designs.

The United States has tall skyscrapers with straight roads while India has one-story houses (without stairs) on the street. I think this is really cool because it shows how different countries live in the same land but still have their own way of life which makes them unique compared to other places around the world.


What does Architectural Travel look like?

Architectural travel can be seen throughout many cities and towns across all over the country. Many people like to travel and take pictures of buildings that interest them or find the architecture attractive. There are even groups on Facebook where people post images of their travels across different countries with images of what interested them most in each place they visited!

Why Architects should travel the world?

  • See different ways of building in order to get inspiration for their job.
  • Get a better understanding on how other people live and what is important to them. This way they can incorporate that into their designs when they go back home.
  • Start learning about different cultures and what they prioritize in their lives. This will help them design better buildings for other people.
  • Architecture is all around the world, everywhere where there are humans building something so why not travel to see it? It’s important that architects do this because if no one travels then how would anyone know anything about any other country?


How to Plan an Architectural Trip

An architect travels for many reasons. They might be looking to travel around, they might go on holiday or one of the most popular is to attend a conference. All these are great reasons but what you need to think about before booking your trip is how long will I be away? What do you want out of your trip? Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you will spend half your time sleeping and half doing something else. Be honest with yourself, how long can you be away for? What is most important to you on this trip?


Architectural trips are great but do not get too caught up in thinking about what everyone else wants to see. They might all be going to the same country as you but everyone is different; they might be more interested in Art Deco than what you are. Think about why you want to make this trip, for example, if it is a conference think about what your main reason for attending? This will give some great clues on places that would interest you.


The top 3 countries for architectural travel


China, Japan, and France.


First of all, China is a country with an interesting history regarding architecture since it has some very old buildings but also modern ones. The Great Wall of China is the most famous Chinese landmark ever built as well as their temples like the one seen in Beijing. But nowadays more than 800 skyscrapers are being built and it is growing each year.


In Japan, you can find a great mix between tradition and modernity because they have temples like the one in Nikko that date back to centuries ago but also amazing skyscrapers such as Tokyo Tower which has its design inspired by Eiffel’s Tour en Paris.


Lastly, France is a country with some very old buildings but also modern ones. For example, the Louvre or Notre Dame are already considered as some of the world’s most famous landmarks since they have been built centuries ago and still remain standing today. But nowadays more than 100 skyscrapers are being built in France which is amazing compared to other countries!


What are the differences between buildings in different countries Different types of materials are used to construct homes, offices, etc?

The population of the country and what their needs are How efficiently they use building materials. What is different about buildings in other countries? Different types of material used to construct homes, offices, etc. can be determined by weather conditions, economic status, or even societal norms. For example, Wood is more popularly found in the United States due to the warmer climate. Wood is also more popular in Canada, but not as much because of its colder weather. The same goes for all other countries; it depends on what materials are available and most convenient to them based on their location or economic status.


However, there are some construction equipment used across the globe, such as the TIG welding machine,  a superior quality industrial machine, and the MIG welding machine which is very capable when connecting materials. With these tools, you’re assured of a quality construction experience.


In Summary,

Travel to a new place and experience the architecture of another culture. You’ll come back with more knowledge about what makes different cultures unique, which will make you think differently about how your own home looks. It’s like getting an education for free!