The Joy of Egyptian Culture: Living in Egypt

Egyptian culture is rich and full of life. If you're considering moving to Egypt, this article will help you learn more about the country's customs and what it's like living in Egypt. Many people are curious about what Egyptian culture is like and if they would enjoy living here. Many things make up Egyptian culture, including food, religion, language, music, and dance. This blog post will talk about some of those aspects and how to find a job when living in Egypt.

What is Egyptian culture like, and how does it differ from American culture?

Egyptian culture is very different from American culture in many ways, including the language. The Egyptians speak Arabic, while people living in America primarily talk to English (although other languages are spoken throughout the country). Egyptian clothing is also more conservative than what we wear in America, and it varies based on where you live. A typical outfit for a woman might include a Talbiyah (an ankle-length dress with long sleeves and no pockets) or an abaya (similar to the Talbiyah, but it has slits for your eyes). Men wear either thobes that are similar to robes or dishdashas, which resemble pants and long-sleeved shirts.

Another way Egyptian culture is different from American culture is the way people treat each other. In Egypt, you will get a lot of greetings from strangers (a smile and “hello” or “good morning”), while in America, it is less common to see strangers greeting one another on the street. Also, there are many more parties in Egyptian culture than what we typically see here in America.

Last but not least, the food is different in Egypt than what we eat here. For example, Egyptian falafel typically has a giant hole inside it and contains more herbs than traditional American falafel. Many of our dishes include rice, while Egyptians eat bread (for breakfast or lunch) instead of rice because they believe it provides more energy. Egyptians also eat a lot of foods that Americans typically do not, including shark and pigeon!

How to live in Egypt as a foreigner?

As you may know, there are many different types of visas to live in Egypt. If you want a simple tourist visa for three months, it’s easy and done within an hour at the airport. To stay longer than that or work here legally as a well-qualified foreigner (engineer), doctor, etc., is pretty tricky without some good contacts on your side before even arriving – finding yourself kicked out after six weeks because nobody could help get all these blasted documents together will be most annoying! There should also be somebody from home who knows what they’re doing: dealing with officials can often mean long hours standing around figuring out which official needs another document written by someone else somewhere else.

The consulate in your home country is not going to be much help. Unfortunately – it’s the Egyptian government and their rules that are holding you back.

If you’re serious about living here for a few years or more, though, contact some of the foreign NGOs (the U.N. agency UNESCO would be one place to start), ask them what it takes to get a work visa. They’ve probably got some people they use for these purposes and will keep you in mind if it’s meant to be – great connections!

You’ll have to wait around somewhere while all the paperwork is done, though: various government authorities request too many different things. The key here is patience.

The benefits of living in Egypt vs. America

Living in Egypt has many benefits over living in the U.S. First off, it’s incredibly cheap to live here and even easier if you’re a student or teaching English (which is typically what most foreigners do). The country itself is full of culture and ancient history that makes for a fantastic backdrop while you’re trying local delicacies such as Koshary and Ful Medames (which, by the way, are delicious).

You could cook your local delicacies in your house. However, You’ll need to get a quality grill, such as Kamado grill, a traditional cooker since time immemorial for grilling meat and other ingredients that require smoking to prepare the local dishes. We also recommend the grill mat a must-have kitchen accessory to help protect the food from falling into the flames from the grates while grilling.

The people here in Egypt are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. Even if you don’t speak Arabic, they will help you find your destination or make conversation with you.

Egypt is an excellent place for students because it’s easy to travel around since public transportation is excellent and cheap. You can take the bus almost anywhere for less than a dollar U.S. (local currency is Egyptian pounds). Many universities have exchange programs with American colleges so you could come out here as an international student without having to pay any tuition fees, not to mention that your living expenses would be way cheaper than in America, which makes Egypt a great place to live and study.

Living in the U.S. is very costly, so for people looking into living overseas, I would recommend coming to Egypt if you want an affordable way of studying or just exploring other cultures without having to worry about being broke all the time like many Americans are. The weather here is also one of its most significant benefits. You can visit Egypt at any time of year and have some pretty nice weather without being unbearably hot like Saudi Arabia.

Tips for moving to Cairo, Alexandria, or Luxor for an extended period.

The people of Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor are incredibly hospitable. The Egyptian culture is rich in history (and thus also fascinating). The food here is delicious! Without a doubt, you will fall head over heels for the food that Egypt has to offer. It’s not tricky living in or traveling through Cairo. However, there are some things that you should be aware of before moving to Alexandria or Luxor.

For example, if you plan on traveling throughout Egypt for any time longer than a week, you must be very familiar with the public transportation system (buses and trains) as well as what they look like. A taxi driver may take advantage of someone who does not know where they are going. This is something to be aware of in Cairo and Alexandria, but it can happen anywhere throughout the country. If you plan on traveling outside of these cities (in a car or bus), make sure that your driver has a navigation system to have no problem getting back to the town when the traveling day comes.


Ways to prepare yourself before coming here (language classes, vaccinations)

If you plan on coming to Egypt, many things need your attention before arriving. For starters, if you want to come here for work or school purposes and not just travel around the country as a tourist- it’d be best if you took some language classes in advance! In addition, what kind of vaccinations do I recommend? Everything baby shots like no joke which is why its so important to make sure they’re up-to-date. Once you’re here, it’s important that you find a good doctor. If your dream is to live in Egypt- there are some things that will make the transition easier like having the right connections (i.e people who can help). recommend? Everything baby shots like no joke, which is why it’s so important to make sure they’re up-to-date. Once you’re here, you must find a good doctor. If your dream is to live in Egypt- some things will make the transition easier, like having the right connections (i.e., people who can help).