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Muslim Brotherhood adopts cordial tone towards Egyptian journalists

Thursday 20-04-2017 - 09:08 PM
Al-Bawaba & Bishoy Ramzy

In an unprecedented step, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, MB, created a paid, but suspicious advertisement on Facebook asking Egyptian journalists to register their details on their page to pave the way for covering their activities during the coming period.

The MB used cordial speech to address the Egyptian journalists, which aroused much suspicion among Facebook users, as the polite method contradicts their usually aggressive way in dealing with journalists in the past years since their ousting from power in 2013,  

The advertisement states in Arabic: “The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria calls on journalists and media channels to register their details for continuous contact with the group and to cover its activities

It continued, “The group will hold a press conference during the coming hours and will send its details to the registered journalists.”

 According to Egyptian researcher Sameh Eid, the cordial tone adopted by the Brotherhood reflects the third current status of the group which  does not adopt the same approach pursued by the organization's previous leaders.

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