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Egypt Parliament urges EPA to boycott 28th Doha Book Fair Cairo - A number of Egyptian parliament members called on the Egyptian Publishers Association (EPA) and Arab Publishers Association to boycott the 28th Doha International Book Fair scheduled to be ... Tuesday 05-09-2017 10:18 PM Egyptian MP calls for investigation in “Al-Bawaba” confiscation Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Al-Badry Deif called for opening an investigation into the reasons that pushed the security authorities in Egypt to confiscate “Al-Bawaba” newspaper on Sunday. ... Sunday 03-09-2017 11:45 AM Confiscation of “Al-Bawaba” violates press freedom, Parliamentarian Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Youssri Al-Assiuty expressed resentment over the decision taken by Egypt’s Interior Ministry to confiscate the paper edition of “Al-Bawaba” on Sunday because of ... Sunday 03-09-2017 10:50 AM Egypt witnessed increasing freedoms since Sisi’s ascent to power, MP Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Sharif Al-Wardani congratulated those prisoners who have been released upon presidential pardon from Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi on the occasion of Eid ... Friday 01-09-2017 03:58 PM Sisi’s trips to Africa restored Egypt’s role in continent, MP Monday 28-08-2017 09:56 AM MP suggests sanctions on mobile companies Cairo - MP John Talat, a member of the Communications and Information Technology Committee in the parliament, said on Monday that during the parliament’s third session he will discuss the ... Saturday 26-08-2017 09:10 PM Sisi’s visit to Africa opens new markets for Egyptian products: MP Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Margret Azer hailed the African tour conducted by Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, saying that the president is keen to strengthen relations with African ... Saturday 26-08-2017 08:59 PM Egyptian MP hailed Tunisian decision to achieve gender equality Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Fayka Fahim called upon the Egyptian authorities to achieve gender equality in inheritance and all other issues, hailing the decision taken by the Tunisian ... Saturday 26-08-2017 08:28 PM National Council to combat terrorism needs strategy to activate role: MP Cairo - Egyptian parliamentarian Mohamed Al-Swedi hailed the meeting that Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi held with the National Council to Combat Terrorism, saying that the meeting ... Friday 25-08-2017 01:14 PM U.S decision to reduce aids to Egypt to affect anti-terror efforts, MP Wednesday 23-08-2017 08:29 PM Calls for constitutional amendments harm Egypt’s interests: MP Cairo - Head of Egypt’s parliamentary Committee on Defense and National Security Kamal Amer expressed his resentment over the calls for amending Egypt’s constitution during the current critical ... Wednesday 23-08-2017 08:21 PM ISIS threats against “Al-Bawaba” violate national security: parliamentarian Tuesday 22-08-2017 07:36 PM Abdel-Rehim Ali exposed terrorist groups: MP Mohamed Al-Komi Tuesday 22-08-2017 07:36 PM IS threats certificate of success to “Al-Bawaba News”, Parliamentarian Tuesday 22-08-2017 07:35 PM MP Yasser Omar expresses solidarity with “Al-Bawaba” against IS threats Tuesday 22-08-2017 07:34 PM