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In Pictures: MB delegation met few Congress members

Why do some members of the US Congress receive terrorists Muslim Brotherhood elements?

Wednesday 03-05-2017 - 10:50 AM
The delegation in US

Washington - A number of terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood members arrived at the headquarters of the U.S Congress on Tuesday to meet with a delegation of its members to discuss issues related to Egyptian affairs.

Chairperson of the Egyptian American Organization for Freedom and Justice, Hani Al-Qadi, headed the delegation of the Muslim Brotherhood which consists of a number of its leading members, including Ayat Al Orabi, Mahmoud Al Sharkawy and Fouad Rashid.

Ayat Al Orabi is considered one of the group’s leading members living in the U.S. She adopts an extremist position towards non-Muslim, as she published a video attacking the Coptic Orthodox Church describing it as a mafia.

The members of the group addressed the U.S congress to hold the meeting under the title, “Egypt’s Day in U.S Congress”.

The group issued a statement saying, “The Egyptian American Organization for Freedom and Justice will hold a number of meetings with a number of congressmen representing different states. The organization will discuss a number of issues related to Egyptian affairs, including military aid.”

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