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Muslim Brotherhood loyalists abroad have turned against each other

Thursday 16-03-2017 - 05:13 PM
Mohamed Arabi
Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo – On Wednesday, Media anchor, Ahmed Musa, screened a newly-released video clip titled, “Undercover CIA Agent, Ayat El-Oraby, Exposes Ayman Nour and Mohamed Mahsoob” During his TV show, On my responsibility, stressing that there a battle of mutual recrimination that has just started between them in which each side is trying to expose the other’s scandals and ploys.
The video clip features El-Oraby in which she went on exposing what she called as “Ayman Nour’s lies and fabricated stories”. One story he told that “the ousted President Mohamed Morsi had offered him the prime minister post which Nour accepted on one condition that other parties should not be excluded.” El-Oraby stated that Nour’s remarks are fabricated lies as he was the one who was attempting hard to take on the Prime minister post, describing him as “cunning person”.
Muslim Brotherhood
El-Oraby also spoke of Mohamed Mahsoob, a law professor who was an ex-minister in Morsi government, saying: “Mohamed Mahsoob is a proponent of the lineup with Mohamed El-Baradei, who has admitted his espionage crimes against Egypt.” She added that Mahsoob claimed that he had resigned from Mosri’s government because of the appointment of Hesham Qandil as prime minister, and this is a lie.  It was Morsi who asked him to resign for no apparent reason, pointing out that Mahsoob was even convicted in some fraud cases.”
Ayat Oraby—a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer who has nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook—was a former state TV anchor. She is married, works and lives in the United States.  In early March, Oraby was sentenced to five-year term and a fine of 500 Egyptian pounds ($30) on charges of spreading false news about Egypt. She was sentenced in absentia as she does not live in Egypt.

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