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Egyptian MPs tour Europe and America to warn against Muslim Brotherhood

Friday 17-03-2017 - 11:42 AM
Al-Ahram, Mena & Others
Egyptian MPs tour
Parliamentary delegations have been touring Europe and America in recent weeks to ring alarm bells on the danger of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltrating Western societies. Egyptian MPs have so far visited Austria, Begium and the US.

On Tuesday 15 MPs from parliament’s Defence and National Security Committee arrived in Brussels to discuss terrorism, illegal migration and the conflicts in Libya and Syria with NATO officials.

Ahmed Al-Awadi, a member of the delegation, said the five-day visit to Brussels was at the invitation of NATO.

“NATO officials extended the invitation because they want to hear the views of Egypt’s parliament on issues of mutual interest,” said Al-Awadi.

Although meetings with NATO officials will focus on the negative impact of terrorism and illegal migration upon security in the Mediterranean Basin the delegation, said Al-Awadi, decided to include “the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in spreading radical Islam in Europe and the United States”.

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